A Mission Of Life

“To preserve the legacy of Michael J. Martin’s industrious, selfless, and outgoing attitude towards people by promoting teen awareness (safety), athletic and academic achievement, and acts of charity throughout our community.”
See how Michael’s Moon is impacting your community. View, reflect, and become inspired to be a part of this Dream. Visit the galleries on this page and see how we are trying to create a better future after such a tragic event.

The events of 9-15-05 shows the need to talk to youth and families about the dangers of wreckless behavior and to have respect for the lives of others. Please click on the news story in the gallery below to learn how easily a community can become devastated by a simple untimely decision. After viewing the other photos here, please visit our Memorial section to reflect on the value of the precious lives we lost that day. Let this loss not be in vain. We hope you will become inspired and motivate yourself to help us protect your community. Take time to view the Safety sections to see how we can all become part of a solution through education, involvement, and awareness. MJ 6 and AJ 16- Rest in Peace.

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Michael J and Andy had a reputation for displaying intense heart and effort on the field. They were also known for their selfless compassion off the field. Contributing to our Scholarship programs helps to preserve and perpetuate this spirit, by enhancing educational opportunities to youth who exhibit the inherent qualities needed to finish the work these 2 boys seemed destined to accomplish.

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Please see how you can contribute to making brighter futures for many kids and families by reviewing our Safety events, and Athletic sponsorship programs and soccer camps. Our life with Michael J engulfed a huge amount of our soul, time, and efforts. Now we recommit those energies, to so many others, for less than pennies on the hour. Help us continue to create hope and opportunity for so many deserving kids of all ages, and to promote the  family values needed to make our world the beautiful place that Michael J and Andy dreamed it would be.

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Please Also Visit:

Care Wagon
We hope to put together a small group of caring people to provide support in time of need, to other families of young accident victims. Unfortunately, Mike and Bonnie know how that feels, and want to reach out.

Mike’s Bikes
For the last two years, Mike and Bonnie have donated bicycles (decorated with hearts and 6’s) to Kids First of the Carolinas, a non-profit group that provides Christmas to homeless families. Hopefully this can grow to help more kids. Michael J loved bikes, and he cherished Christmas.

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