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We are seeking volunteers to help report and track events in the community that need loving attention. Help us reach out and establish contact with victims families, and be able to provide time to visit, support, and even help with everyday chores for families suffering  from emotional stress. When dealing with traumatic loss, even the simplest tasks can seem impossible and hinder the much needed grieving process.

Do YOU Need Help ?

We are here for you, and we care, and love to listen. We have learned a lot through unfortunate circumstances, and can feel your pain. We were blessed with much needed companionship in our greatest time of need, and pray that you will not be alone. Please contact us immediately so we can be there and help shoulder the load. There is strength in numbers.

‘Please Share YOUR Thoughts with Us and Others.

Unfortunately you are not alone in your strife. Sharing your story may be emotionally beneficial to yourself and others. Preventing more senseless tragedies is our greatest prayer. Talking about your all too common experiences can provide peace and comfort, and promote life values through compassion and awareness. So many lonely people are suffering a similar fate right now.

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