We know how bad it hurts…

Mike and Bonnie have learned a lot through very unfortunate circumstances. The insight to understand what it is like to lose a loved one through such a painful event is a solemnly unique gift from God. They hope to use that gift to comfort future families who suddenly find themselves in a similar nightmare. Volunteer to help them help others through their CARE WAGON Ministry.

Care Wagon

We hope to create a ministry with the help of local churches, to reach out and aid families of car wreck victims. We have learned a lot through our emotionally unsettling experiences. We know that simple things like preparing food, house work, and conversation can aid in the very stressful healing process. We understand emotions that not everyone can know. We also learned a lot about how the legal process can be very distracting and demoralizing to a grieving family and community. We know what resources are needed to deal with these challenges. Funding will come from Michael’s Moon (community fundraisers) and we seek donations and volunteer help from church groups, and members of the general public.

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