Safety Legislation

“The hardest thing in the world to do is- to do the right thing. When we work to be JUST, there are many rules, laws, and regulations; but there are no rules for those who don’t care.” So help us to keep the faith and moving forwards. Your support is worth a lot, and there is strength in numbers.

Immediately following the events of 9-15-2005, there was a strong urge to be enraged with the forces that may have taken our Michael J. from us. But, we resisted and focused on God, and what he wanted us to, and took compassion on Michael J’s friends who were struggling to regain their lives. We knew his prayers were with them.

Even in the following months, we spent our energy grieving with our family and community, cherishing the memories that were Michael J and Andy, celebrating the great news that they were now angels in heaven, and trusting that God still had a beautiful plan for us. And when it finally came time to deal with the legal side of things, we prayed for wholesome resolutions, rather than seeking revenge through the course of the law. We were unpleasantly surprised when we came to authorities with a punishment that we thought was Christian, and would do best to help the driver live with his mistake, understand what had happened, and best prepare him for life, while protecting the community throughout the reformation process. Unbelievingly, we were told “ We wish there was something we could do.” We had thought this was a very serious violation. We had only begun to learn how soft laws were on drivers who take life.

Our legal system takes great offense to those who kill with guns, and other forms of homicide; even with drivers who may not kill, but drive under the influence of alcohol. But, the sober driver who kills, has very little recourse. It is sad that 35% of traffic deaths are caused by impaired drivers, yet we need to recognize that 65% are killed by someone else. Yearly in the US there are 15,000 murders (9,000 by a gun), and 24,000 people killed by aggressive drivers. The murderers are punished by death, and prison time; sober drivers usually face suspension of drives license and community service. We believe our community is in grave danger…we were.

One of the greatest services we try to do, is to increase awareness of these facts. As long as current laws treat a drivers license as a RIGHT and not a privilege, that must be earned and maintained, we will all continue to be at great risk; and offenders will continue to cause great harm. We hope with your help, we can make lawmakers aware that we entrust them to protect the values of family and life. The taking of life through any unlawful means should not and will not be accepted. It should be one of our societies greatest offenses, and cannot be tolerated, whether by guns, or violence, or unsafe driving.

We have been blessed to find people who will listen. With your help we hope to continue to make changes that can improve the quality of life for everyone. Please read on and get involved.


{1:2} How long, O Lord, shall I cry out, and you will not heed? Shall I shout to you while suffering violence, and you will not save?
{1:3} Why have you revealed to me iniquity and hardship, to see plunder and injustice opposite me? And there has been judgment, but the opposition is more powerful.
{2:2} And the Lord responded to me and said: Write the vision and explain it on tablets, so that he who reads it may run through it.
{2:3} For as yet the vision is far off, and it will appear in the end, and it will not lie. If it expresses any delay, wait for it. For it is arriving and it will arrive, and it will not be hindered.
{2:4} Behold, he who is unbelieving, his soul will not be right within himself; but he who is just shall live in his faith.
{2:14} For the earth shall be filled, that they might know the glory of the Lord, like the waters spreading over the sea.

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