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Merry Christmas from Mike’s Bikes

“What to do, what to do ?”… The first Christmas without MJ was coming, and the shopping was done.  “… but what about Michael J ?” she asked. It was a dark ride home, or was it. There was a shoutout on the radio about kids with no toys. Bikes; he loved his bike. So we turned around and bought 6. Then decorated them with stickers of 6’s, 16’s and hearts , then delivered them a long ways down the road. Our Angel went with us, and Christmas once again had Promise! because we had a dream.

Welcome to the Christmas arm of Michael’s Moon. Our goal is to provide a Christmas like Michael J and Andy so enjoyed, to kids and adults in the community who may not have much to look forward to, in what should be a special season for everyone, especially children. Inspired by Michael J’s love for bikes and their value as  great Christmas gifts to kids who may not have much, we challenge Michael J and Andy’s old friends, other youth and all the people we interact with in the community to help us create a holiday season of giving. In the first years, we donated bikes to homeless kids through Kids First of the Carolinas. Then in 2009, Michael’s Moon donated 18 bikes to the Concord Knights of Columbus. We continued to grow, as the 2010 holiday was an even bigger sucess, and the Knights were able to deliver 24 bikes for us, making Christmas very bright for a lot of kids and their families. Now each year since Bonnie’s passing in 2012 , we have blessed 30 or more folks, and I know she is smiling Pink! Donations are solicited via an e-mail and flyer campaign, and may be received by mail. Events may be incorporated in the future to boost the success of the campaign.

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We will need a lot help this Christmas season because we are setting our goals high this year to donate 32 or more (Andy’s #16×2+ MJ’s #6) bikes! Michael J loved bikes and he always cherished Christmas.

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Contributions from you and the community are what fuel Mike’s Bikes. With your donations we will be able to get bikes into the hands of those less fortunate. Michael J and Andy are both remembered for their keen awareness of those in need.Let your contribution be a testament to these selfless values, and help spread their heavenly light to hopeful kids at Christmas.

Share your Christmas Spirit. Help us spread the word by passing this on to other friends and family.
Blessings and Merry Christmas to everyone!
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Donations can be sent to:

Michael’s Moon-The Michael J Memorial Fund
2634 Parks Lafferty Road
Concord, NC, 28025

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