Michael’s Moon works very hard to stay active in the community, by creating and sponsoring events that are attractive to both youth and their families. Whether through promoting athletics, entertainment, or charity, it is hoped that people will become aware that although our message seeks to glorify the gifts of life and fellowship, in order to preserve our peaceful world we all need to consider tough topics. We bring people together to enjoy and celebrate our existence, while striving to foster a brighter future for everyone.

Enjoy music from a recent Michael’s Moon event.

MICHAEL’S MOON PHASES: General Calendar of Annual Events

FEBRUARY-MARCH Valentine Concert to Benefit SADD/ SAVE
MARCH-MAY AYSO Recreational Soccer (Sponsorships)
SPRING High School Women’s Soccer- MJ Martin Scholarship Award
JUNE End of School/ Graduation Party
MAY-JULY Angel Boys Soccer Team- attending various AYSO All-Star and unrestricted Club Tournaments
JULY Kicking 4 Hunger Soccer Camps
SEPTEMBER Memorial Picnic- Michael J Day
FALL High School Men’s Soccer- MJ Martin Scholarship Award
NOVEMBER Attend NC SADD Conference
DECEMBER Mike’s Bikes for Christmas Drive
VARIES Michael’s Moon Reunion Soccer Matches
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