Memorial Picnic

Michael J Day has been an annual event designed to be a celebration of life, in honor of two fine young men. During what will always be a difficult month for us and all those who knew them, we are able to gather with members from all the various communities that we have become a part of, to embrace and support all the ways we all contribute to making the world a better place. It is a day of fun and family fellowship; a celebration to commemorate and preserve their selfless will and spirit, to ensure their loss will not be in vain. May they rest in joyful peace, knowing that we always carry their dreams, and keep their light lit.

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“ I think (they) instinctively knew that it would take a lot more than love to survive.
That is was going to take a strong sense of purpose and duty, and a good clear eye on the unfair ways of the world.
So in keeping (their) promise to themselves, they remind us (to) promise to ourselves.
And today, it’s that promise that their spirit would have us remember and (commit) to.
So do something!, and may their songs be sung.”
-Bruce Springsteen (Tribute to Harry Chapin 1987)
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