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These scholarships have been presented in the form of a Michael J Martin Memorial Award and have been given to students from Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) or Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), both of which are student safety groups active in schools nationwide. Past awards have been given to students from A L Brown High School in Kannapolis, NC, which has hosted the Memorial Valentine Concert to benefit SADD and SAVE in February for three years. The scholarships are given as a reward and incentive, to motivate young people to become involved in youth groups that promote the health and well being of their friends and classmates. We annually attend the NC SADD convention in Raleigh, and hope to extend this activity to other schools around the state to help create awareness, and to compel more students to become actively involved in safety programs through their association with Michael’s Moon.


A.L. Brown High School SAVE Scholarship and Endowment Program

Michael J Martin and Andy Janda Memorial Award Winners

Spring 2007
$950 donated to the SAVE program, and several students received smaller awards from this.

Spring 2008
Jonathan Efird
Katherine Stroud

Spring 2009
Jessica Medina
Zack Massey

As emails began filling up in Michael J and Andy’s guestbooks online, it became vividly evident how loved and respected the boys were. Some excerpts included how they were a friend to all, how he was the first person someone met at Central, how they hardly ever had a bad day, and how they were always there to help! Additionally, many people commented about Michael J and Andy’s infectious smiles, contagious spirits, and caring personalities. Herein lies the spirit of the award.

Students Against Destructive Decisions SADD, and Students Against Violence Everywhere SAVE, are youth groups directed toward our new mission in life – to prevent such a tragedy from happening to other beautiful kids and their families. We hope to teach kids how precious life is, and to remind us all how much we love our family and friends. Let’s not let the loss of two such beautiful people be in vain!

We were very blessed to have such a beautiful child as Michael J. We will be forever thankful for your support and prayers during our darkest hours. Losing a child is a nightmare we hope none of you have to face. Bonnie and I will always be coping with this for the rest of our lives, and we will never forget our son. Somehow now our energy and focus is devoted to helping others. We are doing our best to be there for the kids… that’s what MJ would want, and that’s what we want! It’s all about giving back!

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