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Passing it on…Some of our most memorable moments spent with Michael J was when he played recreational soccer in Bethel. We remember not only him, but so many of his beautiful friends he played alongside as his team mates. We recall the excitement, emotion, and the laughing and crying of kids at such an innocent age. We view such quality times as a hallmark of life, and something we hope every child can experience during their youthful times.

We also have memories of our son, even at a very young age, reaching out to others of all ages, through a strong desire to care. He enjoyed living in a peaceful world, and was always quick to boast about how he would change the world for the better. These were God given qualities, that needed only to be encouraged, not taught.

Our involvement with the Kicking 4 Hunger Soccer camps have been a true blessing. We are able to vivify his compassion and spirit, while being surrounded by so many wonderful kids and coaches. We know Michael J and Andy are there, playing amongst us. And what we miss so much about them, we now see in these kids; so many yearning, trusting, faces, even some caught up in their non trivial problems…and everyone there is committed to making a good day for them. Then at the end of the day, campers and coaches alike can boast that together we did change the world. For even while we were having fun and fellowship, we also reached out to needing people, with a gift of food and nourishment, that was truly heaven sent, by Angels here on Earth.

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