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“You are about to enter the most dangerous environment in the world-the highway.” The sign at a local high school was not only catchy, but true. Each year in the US about 40,000 people are killed in car accidents. The problem is so great that even the Pope noted that “Cars bring out the primitive side of human beings, producing unpleasant results, and being an occasion of sin.” If terrorists killed 120 people in the US in one day, would you be concerned? Hopefully you are, because they do, and they call themselves motorists.

You have a 1-in-100 chance of dying in the seat of an automobile. Death by motor vehicle is the #1 leading cause of death for people under 34 years of age. Even though the US leads the world in health care, it is #47 in life expectancy due in large part to these deaths. Designed to make life more enjoyable and convenient, the automobile may have become public enemy #1, due to the thoughtless and unattentive driving habits of some. We think it is a sad reflection on how much respect for life our society has. We pray it is only peoples ignorance, and they are willing to learn.


We read news articles and watch television programs and often worry about how our lives could end suddenly or very early as the result of a gun crime, the onset of cancer, or even an unexpected heart attack. However in the U.S. , if you die before the ripe age of 44, you will most likely be the victim of a fatal traffic accident. Click on the Chart below from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to view this grim reality.

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Please click here to view other timely and important information from the NHTSA website. We hope you will learn and become actively involved in prolonging your and your family’s life expectancy, and contribute to making the future brighter for all of our neighbors, by exercising responsible and safe driving practices.

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