Graduation Parties

Michael’s Moon holds not only athletic but also academic achievement in high regard. These are events that honor area high school graduates, and are designed as a reward and celebration which will promote clear thinking and responsible choices by young adults. With so many younger students working, driving, and being faced with more responsibilities, we have renamed the event “End of School Party”. All students need encouragement. These are countywide events, aimed to attract enthusiastic students of all ages, in order to give us one last chance to talk to them about the realities of the “brave new world”, before their summer begins. In addition to food and popular bands, sports and games are included for wholesome and exciting entertainment.

So many friends Michael J and Andy left behind, and they were not all soccer players. So many were, however, students. Academics was always a big part of our life with Michael J, and through our involvement with youth at area schools and organizations, we have tried to encourage and support his friends, and the generations to come, in their scholastic endeavors. Michael J and Andy were both people who strived to change the world. We try to extend this spirit by inspiring those left behind, to be those kids. We have been so proud to see so many of them graduate and move on to college and beyond.

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