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Every time we hear the song ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends” we remember how this was one of the last and most powerful songs Michael J ever shared with us. It foretold our future. But one of the most incredible enigmas of his passing, is how we have found music to be a gift that he has left to comfort us and aid us in our new journey in life. It has become something that we can share and use as a common bond with all generations, creating memories and inspiring us all to live and remember the faithful conviction of Michael J and Andy’s lives. We need to remember why they are not here.

The contemporary music community has reached out and become a motivational supporter of Michael’s Moon. They have lent their time and passion to help us create environments that are exciting and entertaining to youth and people of all ages. Our concerts have all been fun and spiritual experiences. We have been very blessed to have such great, talented bands to help create the opportunity for Mike, Bonnie, and so many other special guests to share our sad experiences. They are shining lights for a bright future, if only we can get people to understand the words consequences, responsibility , and respect for life, and how our choices can affect so many families and friends. Hopefully you can join us soon.

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20
Click here for a list of the bands.
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