Educate Yourself to Become Involved

Through our involvement in the legal processes related to the loss of our son, we have been able to see some shortcomings and weaknesses in our laws which may not only fail to prevent, but may even contribute to the staggering number of almost 40,000 fatalities on US highways every year. Preventing senseless tragedy is paramount to Michael’s Moon. We believe discussing topics like talking, texting, and reckless driving behavior with youth and parents in our community is very important and fruitful. We found, through our trying experiences, that our laws work well in the prosecution of drunk or impaired driving, but when a death is caused by aggressive or reckless driving (59% of fatalities), law enforcement seriously lacks the tools needed to get these drivers off the road or to punish them. Very few states have Reckless Homicide laws aimed at sober drivers. We think public safety is greatly compromised here. There are also many smaller things that can be done with respect to teen driving safety. We have been able to work with legislators, school administrators, and other personnel in our community to help make our roads safer.

We strongly believe that awareness can be a large part of prevention, thus we view safety as the hallmark component of our website. Take time to read carefully our link to the “10 Commandments for Drivers” issued by the Vatican. Attitude and compassion are key elements to our success. We hope you will go beyond the “Ten Commandments” and review our other links, topics and information that might raise your awareness and help to reduce the number of highway deaths due to unsafe driving. Foresight and knowledge can be a huge deterrent and help prevent such tragedies. We also work alongside law enforcement to promote safe driving activities in the schools and our community. Michael’s Moon implores you to become an integral part of this effort.

The primary goal of Michael’s Moon is to prevent other families from having to live a nightmare such as ours. We believe the key element to this is awareness, as we understand now that events like this happen far more often than people think, and will very probably affect someone else we know. We hope we can prevent this from being a sad fact.

Please take time to look through these pages, and learn how all our lives are in danger. Through insight and education we believe everyone can contribute to making a safer, healthier, and happier life for everyone in their community.


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