Soccer sponsorships provide opportunities for upstanding students who may not be able to afford to play recreational soccer. The recipients of these awards have often faced challenges at home. The main requirements are need, desire, attitude, and good personal character. In the past, recipients have played in the Charlotte area AYSO program. In the AYSO program, the recipients are able to interact with a broad range of kids, in a wholesome environment where Mike has coached and Bonnie has been a Team Mom for years. They also have the opportunity to expand their horizons and travel abroad as “Michael’s Kids”. Our mentoring, coaching and involvement with these kids has opened up many opportunities for them to be an example to teammates and ambassadors to opponents here and abroad who help spread our message of safety. They are a constant reminder of why our son is not there. Their presence has already impacted youth from California to Michigan to Alabama. Coaches, parents, and the general public have contributed to their expenses through contributions to Michael’s Moon.

Michael’s Kids offers exciting opportunities to deserving youth in and beyond the soccer community. Michael J had a diverse group of friends with a wide variety of interests. At an early age, we were often worried about his ability to find good and common bonds with complete strangers. Some athletes tend to distance themselves from kids with less physical talents, but for Michael J this was never the case. Michael’s Moon tries to reach out to all kids who may help us impact society. Due to economic hardships or social restraints, some rarely have an opportunity to get out of the house. We always found a modest family outing was very refreshing and inspirational to our life with Michael J. We want to extend that opportunity to as many of our new friends as possible. A simple day out, or a weekend at the mountains or beach, can go along way to enriching and recharging the spiritual lives of our youth. Hopefully through our interaction and example, we can continue to foster the vision of quality life, and encourage others to believe, like our son, that they will positively impact the world.

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