Michael’s Moon Soccer Tournaments

Playing soccer at a very high level was something Michael J really loved and was truly proud of. To his dad, it was a part of his life he missed greatly; but he hoped through his past experiences he could help MJ go even farther as the “Next Generation”. His progress and success came to a dramatic conclusion that fateful day in 2005. It left parents without a son, coaches without players, and so many players without teammates, yet for none of them an end.  Our lives would go on.

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Whether on the fields of Bethel, AYSO, or his beloved Central Cabarrus, Michael J was an inspirational part of so many teams. All the teammates he left behind, united with us for support and remembrance in the days and years that have since passed. From such diverse backgrounds, soccer is a unifying element that provides an opportunity to bring his friends together, and allow them to remember their friends, through athletic endeavors.

Teams comprised of past friends and players from AYSO, local clubs, and Central and other area high schools, get together to play in friendly soccer matches. They display the heart and passion that is the memory of these 2 boys. They also come together in unity, to support the legacy of their past friends through Michael’s Moon. It is hoped that the mistakes that caused the tragedy of 9-15-05 can be avoided by families and students in the future, and through the life and sportsmanship displayed on the field, their memories will always be cherished, and they will never be forgotten.

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